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For You

20130729-161806.jpgI read this from I Take Joy and loved it so I wrote it down.

“Whatever you have cherished inside is what will flow out. When you are squeezed you will spill out what is in your heart. So it is essential to understand, what you are pouring in will surely spill out in your words, your eyes, your attitudes, your actions. Filling the inside of our souls with beauty, goodness, humility, faith, and love of Christ must be intentional so that there will be substance of his life to spill over to others.” – Sally Clarkson

This also served as an important reminder to be intentional with my kids in what I’m pouring into them, what they’re observing from me, or taking in through TV & other way. To do my best to share God’s goodness, truth, and beauty in the middle our imperfect, sometimes crazy 3 ring circus days. We can walk, always, in His Light.

P.S. I’m doing this blogging thing on my phone while my laptop is unusable so excuse any extra mistakes.

Gwyneth Signy









July is turning out to be especially eventful, starting from day 1 with our baby Gwyneth being born.

I’ll spare you long stories, suffice it to say God has been good, sustaining our family and providing sufficient cushion for bumps along the road.

So hospital stays, getting rear ended, finding lots of mold in our place, (to name a few challenges) have not fallen on us without grace to know God is always in control.

In learning to be less controlling when you relinquish your plan to God, a new peace says that’s how it’s suppose to be. But sometimes it takes being pushed beyond our limits to concede this truth.

Which I suppose makes me okay, if not glad in hindsight, for seemingly unfortunate times.

We also have much to celebrate.

And that’s my little version of an update after a couple months of it being quiet around here.

When Love Lets You Smell Like Bengay & Tea Tree

I was getting ready for bed, my shoulders feeling achy stiff. I rubbed some Bengay cream in then moved on to treat my adult acne (well it practically is sometimes) with tea tree oil.

As I lay down smelling – uh strong – I also felt thankful, not about my blemishes, rather the security of being in that particular state without any self consciousness.

In my teenage years I had a romanticized idea of what loved looked like. My Prince Charming was perfect in superficial ways and attempting to keep my best foot forward was a given.

2013-01-29 22.30.05

Years later you can imagine how grateful I am to have been given a husband who is strong in good character, lives out virtues I now highly value, they’re the backbone to our family.

So if you’re unmarried and looking for that “special one”, I will tell you with what I hope is a bit of wisdom; ask God for someone whose love will run strong in who you are as a soul & in your unique personality, not merely as an object of desire for themselves. –There’s a chasm of difference in those two intentions. One lasts for eternity, whereas the other physical aspect may ironically get gray hair and acne simultaneously, with some achiness on the side. Obviously if too much importance is placed on the physical side things will likely go south when things go south.

Because a love that lets you smell like Bengay & tea tree is sweeter than chocolate & roses. 


P.S. There were no cuddles that night so perhaps love has its limits. ; )

P.P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovely friend! Wishing you ‘love & the chocolate’!

We’re Having A…

If you guessed we’re having a boy,







you’d be wrong.






……………………………we’re having a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve, Devin, Wesley and I went to the appointment so we all heard the happy news at the same time! Devin and Wesley have been wanting a sister for some time now.

I cannot tell you how thankful and thrilled I am (we are!), what a precious gift. We’re all so very joyful about the news. 

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