Christmas Around Here

2012-12-05 09.06.26.jpg
We made a manger out of a cardboard box. I had seen a diy out of wood but didn’t want to tackle that this year since we’re only here for 18 more months.
2012-12-05 17.59.51.jpg
We don’t own dolls in this house so Moosey had to fill in. My Moosey actually.
2012-12-03 09.33.56.jpg
Wesley’s my thoughtful elf; throughout the month I find little things he’s added around the house.
2012-12-03 13.38.02.jpg
A slice of peace for me.
2012-12-05 17.57.15.jpg
Happy dishes.
2012-12-06 14.13.22.jpg
You have no idea how hard that bow was for me to make, even with staples!
2012-12-06 18.39.26.jpg
Got this idea from this post, but it said “Reindeer Food Bar”, which is super cute but I’m not exactly doing a food bar. Ignore the atrocious handwriting, I was gonna write something short, then changed my mind which is why it’s all lopsided. Wish I had my friend Kate’s handwriting, really, any of my friend’s handwriting would do.
Helping feed the homeless.jpeg
Devin at a Christmas dinner for the homeless downtown last week. I guess he was the music sheet boy?
2012-12-07 07.42.04.jpg
Wesley hung this same poinsettia & 3 pine cone creation to each of our curtain hooks in the living room — dining room area.
2012-12-07 07.45.49.jpg
And he added more pine needles for the stable.
Wishing you peace & cheer these magical weeks!
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