Building Memories

Grandma arrived late last night and Auntie Crystal & cousins will be arriving next Tuesday evening so we’re looking forward to sharing this Thanksgiving with some family.

It’s a real treat for us since we haven’t had any family over here (other than Grandma) for over 2 & a half years that we’ve lived here.

Wesley put on some tuxedo pants (that were too small) this morning so he could look extra nice for Grandma, and Preston’s been hugging her randomly, so sweet!

I think I’m a little more sentimental about family since we don’t live near any and haven’t for a long time, but I’m hoping the boys will be able to grow up feeling close to their relatives in spite of the distance between us.

It’s just gonna take being more intentional about making memories together and maybe our little family will be more tight knit as a result of it just being us most of the time.

┬áHere’s to making memories with loved ones this season!

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2 thoughts on “Building Memories

  1. Kate

    A couple weeks ago I ordered some grandparent memory books for each grandparent from Amazon so the grandparents can write down special stories and memories for our kids. We don’t live near or visit as often as we wish we could, so I hope in the future this little treasure can be something that brings their lives closer. And for about $16.00 in basically shipping, (the books were a penny each and one was fifty cents :) we will have a little bit of extra love and family history around our house.

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