Some Reads For You

2013-01-29 22.36.04

Here are some posts that were like a breath of fresh air to me from this past week.

Don’t listen to the Critics, including your children!

Building Cushions and Writing in Margins

We See The Holes But God Sees The Holy

For When You’ve Blown It (Again!)

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2 thoughts on “Some Reads For You

  1. Linda Post author

    That makes me happy to hear Feli!

    I know I need ongoing encouragement through reading the Bible and other reading material that gives practical tips, as well as points me back to the Lord for strength.

    I really really don’t have it within myself to be the kind of mom and wife I aspire to be, so my only hope is to be anointed for each task I face and to also not give up when I feel like a failure. I do fail but I have confidence in the Lord, that He’ll make up for my lacks and still accomplish His good purposes.

    All that to say, I understand about needing to receive hope and to be steadied. I pretty much need it everyday, heh. : )

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