We’re Having A…

If you guessed we’re having a boy,







you’d be wrong.






……………………………we’re having a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve, Devin, Wesley and I went to the appointment so we all heard the happy news at the same time! Devin and Wesley have been wanting a sister for some time now.

I cannot tell you how thankful and thrilled I am (we are!), what a precious gift. We’re all so very joyful about the news.¬†

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8 thoughts on “We’re Having A…

  1. Julie

    So happy for you! Your boys are gonna be such good big brothers to the little princess. Little girls are an incredible joy, you’re in for so much fun. XOXO

  2. Kate

    You already know how happy and excited we are for you guys! Now I’m extra sad that you are going to be far away. I’ve never gotten to stuff your kids with cookies like a spoiling Auntie should, aka: payback for always getting Cole numm numm’s as a toddler. Again, congratulations and lotsa love.

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